Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 9: New Friends

The spell shows you a dark castle and a tall tower. That's where the Druid must be so that's where you are going. You let your new friends know you will not be staying after all. You need to see a man about a book.

The third man from the executioner's block, whose name you now know is Logan, offers to go with you. The roads are not safe to travel but you can go through the swamp to cut right across. The only problem is that it also happens to be a Hydra's nest. If you are willing to brave it, he can be your guide.

After looking through the book you find a couple of spells that might see you safely through.

Charge “Shield Spell”.
Charge an attack spell, just in case things go south.

Spell Book

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