DAREBEE has three funds: current, developmental & emergency. The Funding Level bar shows you % of how much money we have right now in all three. It’s a way for us to communicate to you how we are currently doing financially and where your money is going. 


Developmental Fund

The Developmental fund is used for non-emergency improvements and, when there are no volunteers to help, services we have to outsource. When, and if, we manage to have a good month and raise extra from what we need, it goes towards development. That’s money we can invest to improve the resource, make it, and everything it has to offer, better. 

When our Funding Level shows over 80%, it means that we are able to pay all of our bills this month and all of the donations are currently being added to this fund.

Current Fund

The Current fund is used for recurring expenses like bills, hosting fees, supplies, maintenance & repair needs. It’s a fund that keeps us going throughout the month. It is always in use and it gets depleted. 

Our Funding Level needs to be near or over 80% for us to be able to cover all of our expenses for this month.

Emergency Fund

“Break the glass in case of emergency” is where our last hope is. When we are running short on funds and there is nothing left in the current box, the developmental fund is the first one to be emptied. If that fails, we have the emergency fund to fall back on. It exists so DAREBEE doesn’t just go offline. It ensures there is a period of grace and a chance to do something about it. 

When the funding level falls below 30%, it’s generally really bad news - this means that we are using our emergency funds for current bills. If we don’t receive enough donations and cannot cover our expenses for a prolonged period of time, eventually, DAREBEE will cease to exist.