There are almost 100 people globally contributing their time to DAREBEE, on and off. Most of it goes into testing and making sure everything we add to the database is effective, accessible and safe.

And then there is the core team. 

We make this place work and keep the lights on. Each one of us chose to dedicate a large chunk of our lives to this project because we believe in free internet and equal access to quality fitness advice for everyone regardless of circumstances. That's what brought us together. We all have day jobs and some of us have careers completely unrelated to fitness but we are 100% dedicated to making this project work and keeping it alive.

We are also a bunch of introverts so talking about ourselves is really not our thing. That said, it's easy to fall under the impression that DAREBEE is run by robots as there is no personality cult or photos of ripped people - it just works. Hence, this page.

We try our very best here but we are very human and very real sweat and tears go into this place daily. Nothing is automated on this website - we add, fine-tune and reshuffle things every single day so you can log in and have something new to do, try out and challenge yourself. It's our job to make this place run like clockwork. And, hopefully, we’ve been doing an OK job so far. Now to the reason you are here - who are we, really? 

Although most of us are extremely uncomfortable putting ourselves out there, below are the wizards behind the curtain that chose to come forward on behalf of the core team and say hi:

Neila, the founder

Duties: administration, planning, design and layout
Loves: her dogs, good coffee and audiobooks
Area of expertise: circuit and weight training, running
Experience: 20+ years in the fitness industry.

Neila is a hermit. She loves DAREBEE but is terrible at promoting it. She feels that its content should speak for itself. Neila had to be convinced this page is necessary. She is in charge of a large chunk of development of the DAREBEE programs and individual routines. You can meet Neila in the community under neilarey


David, co-founder & spokesperson 

Duties: research and development, writing, publicity 
Loves: reading, action movies and shootemup video games
Area of expertise: circuit training and martial arts. 
Experience: 40+ years in the fitness industry.

David joined DAREBEE less than two years after it was founded. He has many talents and a glorious career as an author but he still dedicates a lot of time to the resource and is even our official spokesperson. He is a certified martial arts instructor and a five-times British tae-kwon-do champion. He is mind-warpingly awesome and he compensates for the rest of us antisocial peeps. You can meet David in the community under Damer


Natalia, manager

Duties: management, design and layout, content translation
Loves: knitting, traveling and good cheese 
Area of expertise: accessible exercises and rehabilitation
Experience: 10+ years in the fitness industry.

Natalia is a machine. She just keeps on going. So, yeah, she might be a robot after all. She runs two DAREBEE branches on her own and also handles social media. She is into gentle fitness, swimming and hiking.


Tony, programmer

Duties: programming and development, team mental support
Loves: video games, anime, martial arts and fantasy books 
Area of expertise: programming and martial arts
Experience: 20+ years in the fitness industry, 15+ years in video game development.

Tony is really, really, really good at what he does. Besides his secret ninja ways, he has a glorious career in his own field so we are blessed that he chooses to contribute his time to DAREBEE. He is responsible for our apps and programming in the Age of Pandora RPG program as well as the rest of functionality here at the resource. We have no idea how he does it. It’s magic. You can meet Tony in the community under Ryuji

Klara, social media

Duties: publicity, daily social media updates and support
Loves: her family, cooking and taking long walks
Area of expertise: PR

Klara has been with us from the very beginning. She has built all of our social media presence from the ground up and she is often the one responding to you on Facebook. She is a rockstar! Her preferred type of exercise is calisthenics and circuit training. You can meet Klara in the community under Klara

Emma, manager and tech support

Duties: paying the bills, answering emails and dealing with paperwork
Loves: cats, pizza and romantic comedies 
Area of expertise: management and PR

Emma is irreplaceable. We will probably just crash and burn if she takes a day off. She keeps this whole thing running and she is the only one who knows where the snacks are hidden. Although our mailbox is accessed by all members of the core team, you are likely to talk to her when you reach out to the Administration of the website. She is the nicest person you will ever meet.


Nicolas, moderator
Duties: moderator and challenge master
Loves: music, writing, martial arts and roleplaying games
Areas of expertise: martial arts and bodyweight training
Experience: 8+ years in the fitness industry.

Nicolas joined DAREBEE after he discovered its workouts to enhance his ninja training. He leads a very full life working, playing music and writing and he still finds time to run local DAREBEE workshops that help people find their way back to fitness which means he has found the secret to never sleeping! In The Community he is everyone’s best friend. You can meet Nicolas in the community under Redline.