DAREBEE Mobile Apps

Below you will find official DAREBEE apps. Our apps are available for Android devices only at the moment; iOS versions will become available soon(ish).

The apps are completely free just like everything else DAREBEE provides. If you would like to support the project you can purchase a paid “Champion” version of the app - it is exactly the same app but the proceeds of each transaction go directly into our maintenance and development fund. 

The FitTap app by DAREBEE is a fun way to stay active throughout the day or play fitness dares with your family and friends. Every tap brings you a new fitness dare - take up the challenge... and tap again!

Pocket Workouts app is a collection of DAREBEE workouts in your pocket! Ideal for offline and on the go access. The collection contains 250 routines arranged by seven categories: strength, high burn, combat, abs, stretching, yoga and microworkouts.

100 Office Workouts is a collection of no-equipment illustrated easy-to-follow routines specifically designed for workplace conditions allowing you to exercise during work regardless of the time and space available and regardless of the office attire.