Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE


Welcome to Spellbound, a Fantasy Fitness Adventure. To move forward in the story you will need to Charge & Cast spells. You will find instructions for each spell in your Spell Book.

The story contains 31 Chapters but you don’t have to complete each chapter in one go, you can take your time.


Each spell can be charged, used up and then charged again. It cannot be charged multiple times without being used up first. You can charge up as many spells as you want at any time. To move forward in the story you will require specific spells and sometimes you will be able to choose a spell from a category: attack spells and defense spells. Which spells you choose to fight and defend yourself and others with, in that case, is up to you.

Not all spells are equal. Some have higher potency than others.

Note: Some spells may require additional conditions to be met. Like “Dragon Armor Spell”, for example, which requires you to have 20 dragon scales in your possession before you can cast it.


You can choose to go through the program with a Probability Factor or you can choose to ignore it. To play with probability, roll the dice provided (your own set or use one of the tools online) and see whether your spell has succeeded or failed.

Rolling 5 in total or less means your spell has failed and is now used up. A different spell must be used instead.

Charge and cast spells, roll for probability and see this adventure through!

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