Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 7: The Ruins

All hell breaks loose. The soldiers immediately lock on you and head your way. This allows the woman time to free herself and her friends. You start running. Just as you are about to get run through with a sword a familiar wagon appears and you jump in. Ash also picks up the Printers as he rides hell for leather. He must have sabotaged the guards' horses because no one is chasing you as you leave town.

You eventually stop and get out of the wagon. There are ruins all around you but the place is far from abandoned. There are people, adults and kids of all ages running around. It's their safe haven, you realize.

The woman who was nearly executed calls for help. One of the two men who were with her is badly injured but they can't find the healer.

Ash nods your way announcing to everyone that you can help since you are the new Champion. You are about to protest but then you check the book and find a healing spell.

Charge & Cast “Healing Spell Level I” to help the man.

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