Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 19: Mousetrap

You wake up in the same cage the Druid used to be, in chains and with a massive headache. How you don't sport a concussion yet with all the hits on the head you took is beyond you. The cart is moving now. A rider next to you notices you are awake and smirks. It is the Druid, or perhaps not, as the man is now dressed in a guard's uniform. He tells you that "you all always fall for it, those of you who make it this far anyway" . "A few carts scattered around the kingdom, a few loud discussions in inns and a day or so and the mouse is in the trap" . He also tells you not to bother casting as the cage is spelled against it.

You say nothing. The book is still on you, they didn't bother taking it away, so you find a lightning bolt spell and charge it up.

Charge “Lightning Storm Spell”.

He said nothing about storing.

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