At DAREBEE we aim to give you as much choice as possible when it comes to fitness. We believe that enjoying your training and having variety as well as accessibility is key to any successful fitness journey. You have to find something you can look forward to doing every single day so you are able to stick to it, indefinitely. It’s not just about training hard, it’s about having a sustainable long-term plan so results you get become permanent results. Establishing a positive relationship with fitness is crucial here.

We recommend that you look over all of the programs available (unless you decide to follow a training plan from here) and pick a program you feel you will enjoy doing. Each program has a unique attribute, focus and complexity (you can adjust difficulty as you go). Which one you pick is really up to you but it should be something you are able to follow through to form a habit and stick with for long enough to see results. We have all types of programs from classic routines to RPG with interactive storylines. Most of everything you see at DAREBEE is bodyweight no-equipment based and absolutely everything is completely free to access and download.

Click on any of the programs to access them and then click on a “preview” for a quick overview of the workouts in the given program. 

Here is a handy filter to sort all available program by Type, Focus and Difficulty.

If you are completely new to bodyweight training, to fitness in general or you are recovering from an injury we recommend you begin with the Foundation or the Foundation Light programs. Our visual guides look simple but don’t let it fool you and sneak up on you. It’s always best to start slow, build up gradually and watch yourself change slowly. Long-term results are permanent results.