Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 21: Kora

The elf's name is Kora. She placed a sleeping spell on the guards that allowed you and her to walk past them and away. You follow Kora to her horse and climb up behind her. As you ride she tells you she is the Druid's daughter and she's been looking for you ever since she heard a new champion appeared.

The last few didn't last a day but now people have hope again. There are pamphlets circulating all over the land with your face on them inspiring people to rise up. You suspect you know who is responsible for getting your face out there. She takes you to the resistance camp where you meet the rest of her group. She explains that her father is the keeper of magic in this land. He's been a prisoner of the king for over 300 years now. The people of the land have been denied knowledge of magic so it's been slowly disappearing. All books are forbidden because the king is not taking any chances.

Each year magic seeks out a hero to fight on behalf of the land and the people and you are its latest champion. It calls to you and then it binds you to the path. The only way to be released from it is to see the journey through. The Druid is the only one who can remove the spell.

Kora also tells you they are planning an assault on the castle and with you they have a good chance of getting to the tower where her father is held. You have access to the strongest magic through your connection to the source and the binding to the book.

Before you can go with Kora and the resistance soldiers you have to have stored at least three attack spells and two defense spells. Have the spells before you can proceed.

Charge three attack spells, unless already stored.
Charge two defense spells, unless already stored.

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