DAREBEE is a crowd-funded resource. What this means is that we don’t ourselves have the money to run it, we don’t have backers or big companies investing in our efforts nor do we have product placement or advertisements here. Everything you see is provided free of charge and in its entirety. This website and all of the work that goes into it are supported exclusively by its users via user donations - it is the one and only source of funds for DAREBEE. And here is why:

Accessibility for everyone is what lies at the core of this place. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, what your circumstances are you will find help here. We remove all of the barriers and hoops you would normally have to jump through to get to the information you need. Everything is freely provided here because we believe that by doing so we make a difference for many people all across the globe, we have a positive impact and we help make the world a better place. We help people who support us and we help those who are unable to give anything in any way, equally. 

We don’t have ads because it allows us to stay loyal to you, our audience, and your needs. Since we don’t need to get as many hits as humanly possible to generate page views and sell ad space or attract sponsorship we only cover subjects that we feel are of value. We refuse to turn people into numbers and what we do here is guided by a single motive: to be of practical use, to help those who want to get fit to do so without feeling pressured, shamed or judged. 

Our approach enables us to focus on content and the effectiveness of the information provided. Just because everything here is free, it doesn’t mean it should be low quality or done half-right. We put tremendous amount of work into each page and every poster, we often spend weeks in front of the drawing board and then again in testing our materials or researching the content we write. Our funding and our future depend upon delivering value to you.

This also means that you decide whether we stay up tomorrow, a week or ten years from now. You decide whether it’s worth keeping something like DAREBEE up on the web and we want you and you alone to be able to. 

When you support DAREBEE you also support everything DAREBEE stands for. You don’t just support it for yourself, you also support it for all those who can’t.