Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 14: Champion of All Folk

The Printers were incredibly grateful and they tried to get you to come with them to their new camp. When they realized you were determined to seek out the Druid, Mara hugged you and gave you a pack with supplies to help you on your way. She also gave you a cloak with a hood saying your clothes make you stand out too much.

It's been hours since you said your goodbyes. You are staying away from the roads and just skirt the woods.

You can't shake off the feeling that someone is following you. You can't see anyone but after a while you can hear whispers. And then, bright lights surround you. Bright lights with faces.

The little creatures tell you they are sprites and they've been looking for you, the Champion, everywhere. They desperately need your help. Their queen has been cursed by king Raal. He was furious she tried to help you by appearing in your dreams so he turned her to stone. They pray you can help her.

You check the book and find a Cursebreaker spell. You may just be able to, you tell them.

Charge “Cursebreaker Spell” and then follow the sprites.

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