Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 13: Champion

You don't have a lot of time once you leave the stronghold. You find a safe enough place a good distance away and once again consult with the book.

Charge two attack spells.

It takes longer to get to the Free Printer's camp and by the time you arrive, the fight, or more accurately, the slaughter has already began. You see Ashe's little grandson is in the way of a rider about to strike him down and you do not hesitate.

Cast an attack spell.

You hear an ear piercing scream and see another guard going towards a woman standing in the doorway of a building.

Cast another attack spell.

Roll for Probability

If it fails, cast a different attack spell.

As you come closer you recognize Mara. She falls on her knees and begins to weep. Men and women surround you whispering "Champion" and "Savior". The threat is over, your display must have made the rest of the soldiers retreat. Then Mara tells the gathered crowd that the king's guard destroyed the printing machine. They will have to abandon their camp and they won't even be able to print books anymore.

Perhaps there is one more thing you can do for these people before you resume your quest…

Charge & Cast “Restoration Spell” on the printing press.

Spell Book

Skill Boost Spells

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