Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 30: Fall of the King

You charge across the field dodging attacks. As you get closer to the king you realize there is a circle of fire that surrounds him. No wonder he feels invincible, it's several meters deep. There is no way anyone can get through without roasting alive. Well, almost no one.

As you get close enough to feel the burn you Cast “Dragon Armor Spell” and run through. Ten seconds in and the smirk vanishes off the king's face and he is about to attack when you Cast “Time Stop Spell” and, right after you exit the fire ring, also Cast an attack spell landing the killing blow. The king falls. Yet his soldiers driven by their bloodlust do not stop. You need a spell to get their attention.

Charge & Cast “Peacemaker Spell”.

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