Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 8: The Dream Visit

That evening you are introduced to the Printers. People who rebel against the rule of the tyrant King and defy his decree. They print books and distribute them amongst the population. They especially print for children so they can learn to read and write.

The woman you helped save comes to thank you. Her name is Mara and it turns out Ash is her father. They all live here and you are welcome to stay. You are too tired to do much else so at the very least you decide to get some sleep.

A breathtakingly beautiful woman dressed all in white comes to you in a dream. Light is radiating from her and everywhere she steps flowers begin to bloom. She speaks to you and her voice echoes in your mind: "Seek the Druid, chosen one".

When you wake up the next day you immediately turn to the book. Finally, you will be getting some answers. You just need to locate one special Druid.

Charge & Cast “Tracking Spell”.

Spell Book

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