Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 6: Crow Nest

You arrive at Crow Nest. Except the town's gates are shut. You can call out and ask for entrance or...

Charge & Cast "Ethereal Spell" and walk through the gates.

The town has been decorated for a festival but there is no one around. 

As you go further in, you see a crowd gathered. A King's Guard soldier stands on a raised platform and reads from a scroll. It's a royal order of execution for the members of Printers. Two men and a woman are lined up behind the executioner's block, bound and on their knees. As the soldier in charge continues to read a list of crimes you realize that the woman is trying to escape and has almost gotten out of her bindings. There is no way for her to get away even if she gets free. Whatever is happening here, it's not right. The crowd seems subdued and sorrowful and the crimes of the three are nothing more than printing books. Books are apparently banned in this land. You make a decision to intervene and cause a distraction.

Cast “Lightning Bolt Spell” and send it towards the skies.

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