Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 5: Welcome to Reshar

You now have two spells stored in your arsenal. The spells you used up have gone dim in the book but you know you can recharge them if and when you need to.

You head towards the town. As you walk a wagon goes past. An old man controlling it sees you and pauses. He looks you over and offers you a ride. You notice two giggling children at the back and accept. The old man is chatty, he tells you his name is Ash and he is taking his grandchildren to the fair in a nearby town. You tell him you are a traveler and you don't know much about this place. He is happy to tell you about this land.

You are currently in the kingdom of Reshar. It's ruled by king Raal who is rumored to be a dark sorcerer. Ash cautions you to keep away from the king's guard at all costs and to not attract attention to yourself. Anyone ever taken by the guard has never been seen again.

Time passes and not too soon you see riders up ahead. Two men dressed in black their faces covered are heading straight for you. Ash goes pale as they ride towards the wagon. They look directly at you and reach for their swords.

Your self preservation instinct kicks in and you reach for the "Persuasion" spell.

Cast “Persuasion Spell”.

You tell them that you are not who they are looking for and to move along. To the old man's shock, they do just that. The two men silently sheath their swords and ride past.

You continue in silence after that. You part with Ash just outside town but instead of heading straight for the town you decide to wait until it's dark and page through the book just in case you need to leg it from here, fast. You look through attack and defense spells and pick a couple for future use.

Charge at least one defense spell and one attack spell.

Spell Book

Skill Boost Spells

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