Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 26: Here Be Dragons

You get to the cave and enter it alone. Kora stays behind in case things go south. The moment you step in a massive angry dragon appears in front of you. You have moments to decide which spell to use to get the scales.

Cast “Persuasion Spell”.

Roll for Probability

Cast “Deep Frost Spell” if “Persuasion Spell” fails.

Either way, you are getting those scales.

You step out of the cave, holding up the scales, and see someone holding a knife to Kora's throat. They are not soldiers but the situation is not any less dangerous. These are bandits and the one with the knife tells you to throw the scales towards him. If you cast he might just cut Kora's throat so you obey and throw the scales down. His buddy picks them up and after retreating away, they let her go and mount the horses.

You try casting but they get too far away too quickly. You think fast.

Charge & Cast “Tracking Spell”.

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