Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 23: The Druid

Cast “Healing Spell Level III”.

Right away the Druid's color returns to normal. He raises his head and looks at you. "Finally" , he says, "what took you so long?".

After the Druid spends some time with his daughter and gets briefed on what the resistance has been up to, he comes to sit next to you. You ask him if you can be unbound from the book and go home. To which he responds with a shake of his head. The only way to get back home is for you to complete the quest. Then the magic holding you here will let go.

Just as you are about to ask more, an out of breath scout bursts into the clearing. The king is furious, he gathered all of his troops and they are marching as a wave towards this location. You don't have a lot of time and there is nowhere to run - a steep mountain is at your back.

After some deliberation Kora comes up with a plan. You will be casting a group super strength spell. You will be parting the mountain so you can all escape.

Charge “Super Strength Spell”.
Cast “Super Strength Spell” as a group.

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