Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 17 Rosewater

Before you take off you reason that the girl won't be able to travel far on foot so you will have to carry her at least part of the way.

Charge & Cast “Endurance Spell”.

It's not an easy journey but eventually both of you arrive at Rosewater and find the girl's grandparents. They are grateful to you for saving the child. The old lady hugs you and tells you to be careful since the king's guard is in town. You thank her and leave.

This is an opportunity. You go to the town's inn and find a seat in a dark corner. You make sure the hood of the cloak hides your face. Not long after a group of dark guards walk in and take a table not far from yours. You listen in on their conversations and you learn that they will be transporting the Druid tomorrow and they'll take the road just outside Rosewater. You have to try to free him.

It looks like tomorrow, you are pulling off a heist, with a captive as the prize.

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