Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 15: Cursebreaker

The sprites take you to their leader, the Queen of the Sprites. She stands in the middle of the forest, green vines wrapping her arms and torso. You recognize her as the lady from your dream even through all of her is pure white marble.

Cast “Cursebreaker Spell”.

The marble cracks, breaks and turns to dust. A beautiful unearthly creature with skin too perfect to be human smiles at you.

"Champion of the little folk. Champion of all" she says "the book chose wisely". The sprites cheer and, as the forest opens up in front of the queen, you see a hidden village. She tells you that you are now a friend of the sprites and you are welcome amongst them. There is a feast in your honor that night. You drink grape juice and sing songs by the fire with the little folk. For a moment you forget all your troubles and just enjoy it all. The strange but wonderful land, the adventure and the magic…

Except when you go to sleep later that night, the moment you close your eyes a man appears in your dream. He seems to be searching for something or someone, you guess, when he meets your eyes and smiles. It's a cruel and menacing smile and it makes your skin crawl. You wake up covered in cold sweat as the sun begins to rise.

Charge & Cast “Cloaking Spell”.

Your mind is not a halfway house for random dudes to barge in.

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