Spellbound - 30-Day Fantasy Fitness Adventure by DAREBEE

Chapter 10: The Hydra

The Hydra didn't do anything to you and you are essentially trespassing but if you have to, you will defend yourself and Logan.

At first it's an easy journey but the moment you hit the halfway mark, a massive hydra rises from the swamp's deeper waters. It's big enough to swallow you whole.

Cast “Shield Spell”.

Roll for Probability

Cast an attack spell, if the first spell fails.

You make it across but Logan is hurt. You will need that healing spell again to mend his leg.

Charge & Cast “Healing Spell Level I”.

The wound on the men's leg closes in front of your eyes. It will never not be amazing to see. As you get up, though, someone grabs you from behind. You look at Logan but he doesn't look surprised. He averts his eyes and tells you he is truly sorry. The next thing you know you are knocked out.

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