Program by DAREBEE

Chapter 13

We rush back in just as Reed fires up the engines of the Destroyer.

“What’s going on, Reed?”

“They must have figured out we would hide here. I didn’t have enough time to finish the signature swap. Another thirty minutes or so, that’s all I needed … but there is no point now. They can see us. There are two Destroyers hailing us right now. So, any ideas anyone?”

“Run.” - I say, - “They want Ellie, but they will not think twice over killing you and me, Reed. We have to give running a shot. They won’t fire at us just yet so we might just have a shot.”

“Alright. Let’s see how fast this baby can go. “

He sounded way more excited than he had any right to be, but I was beginning to get used to Reed’s peculiar nature so I ignored it.

“I wrote the code for the signature change, it’ll just need to finish rendering. If we manage to lose them in the open space they won’t be able to find us so easily again. I did find a possible escape route we could take when scanning the area but it’s… well, risky to say the least.”

“What is it, just spit it out.”

“There is a registered wormhole only ten minute from here. It’s one of the unstable ones. There is no saying where we will pop out, if at all. Or if we are going to have all our limbs intact.”

“Are you freaking kidding me…”

“By my calculations, we won’t be able to outrun the Destroyers and there are two of them so… you do the math. We don’t have sufficient firepower and I am not yet as familiar with the controls. This baby is advanced.”

“Alright. Ellie, are you ok with this? We could hand you over before we take the leap if you think you have higher survival chances with the Regulators. After all, they do want you alive. I feel like at the very least I should ask.”

“No. Even if they do now, they will torture and then most likely kill me anyway. Besides, you have better chances of making it to the wormhole with me onboard. They will have no problem shooting you down once they have me. We are in this together now.”


“I am onboard with not dying. Definitely dying and maybe dying, not so much. I’ll take those odds. I am setting the course now but there is something else I need you to do.”

“Ok, What is it?”

“Our chances are higher if we moved all the heavy stuff away from the control room. You know, just in case. Everything you can possibly rip away and get rid of and fast. We will not be in control while we are going through so anything can happen during that time.”

“I am on it. Ellie, you sit tight.”

I start moving everything away to the holding cell.

Carbon And Dust - 30 Day Program by DAREBEE

“We are about to go in! The two destroyers are slowing down, I don’t think they’ll follow us! Brace your….”

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