Carbon And Dust - 30 Day Program by DAREBEE

Carbon & Dust is an action-adventure with you as the main protagonist set in a distant future when humanity has spread far and wide across the Galaxy. It’s a world where the corporations set and keep the laws and where you can only rely on your own strength, speed and cunning. To survive, you must become a weapon. To make a difference, you must be prepared to give it your all.

Enter the world of Carbon and Dust and see how far it’ll take you.

This is a beginner-friendly program and can be completed one chapter per day (recommended). There is no preview to avoid spoilers. The program reads like a book with integrated action and tasks you must complete to advance further in the story.

Suggested Mealplan: Ab Mealplan

Updated on
June 10, 2018 | current v1.3.2