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Chapter 17

It’s like the gods are against us. The closer we get to the place of safety we are heading for, the greater the perils we face each day. I’m still wondering what will go wrong next when I have my answer.

The ground beneath our feet trembles again. No tectonic plate shift this time. No herd of Bisons either. This time the rumble is different. Weakened by the tectonic shift activity the planet’s mantle has deep fissures. From deep within the planet’s molten core lava is now pushed to the surface.

Luckily I sense the risk in time. We all start to run. We nearly clear the area when the ground begins to split right behind us but this time smoke comes out of the newly created chasm and hot lava comes up to the surface. It keeps on flowing, building up and gaining ground. I’ve never seen anything like it and now I know what burned everything around. We have to run hard or we will literally be roasted alive. Worse still, we now have to drop everything we are carrying if we want to make it. We are running for our lives.

Quest: Escape the flow of lava.

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