Program by DAREBEE

The Pathfinder is a 30-day role-playing fitness adventure set in a world that changes overnight. Your goal is to keep on moving and lead the group of survivors to a new safe haven. You are the only one who can keep these people safe. You are a Pathfinder, a person with a rare ability that allows you to navigate the changing landscape around you and sense the way forward to a place where you, and everyone you manage to save along the way, will find a new home.

The program is suitable for all genders, ages and fitness levels. Some of the days include optional walking and running with bodyweight exercise alternatives.

The online version of the program is interactive and it saves your progress in your browser. Once you find survivors you must keep them alive and complete tasks for each one you accept into your group - or let them die. So don’t forget to click on tasks you have completed before you move on to the next chapter. You will have to find shelter, water, food and keep everyone together until the very end. You don’t have to save everyone - but you can try.


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