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Chapter 12

We reach the settlement and we can’t quite believe our eyes. It’s like the disaster hasn’t happened here. People are going about their business, resting and working as usual. There is no panic or rush here, or any kind of preparation to leave. It’s like stepping into the world before. I am overwhelmed with longing but I very quickly recover. And soon enough it’s very clear to us that these people are simply in denial of what’s happening. They are refusing to believe that life as they know it is gone. They are convinced that they are safe here because their settlement has been left untouched. They think that the tremors are just that, a bit of an inconvenience that will soon go away.

I have seen the earth splitting, entire settlements vanish before my eyes in seconds like they were never there. I know how serious this is and how dire things are. As my group goes to resupply and trade, I search for someone in charge or perhaps a Pathfinder to talk to.

It doesn’t take long, someone points me to a house where I can find their Pathfinder. And when I do it kind of makes sense. Their pathfinder is a 7-year old boy. He can lead these people as he can sense the way forward, like I can, but who would follow him? He is only a child. After talking to his mother I understand their situation. They will leave on their own soon but the rest of these people are doomed. Perhaps I can find proof to convince them that they can’t stay here anymore. Maybe I can do something before it is too late.

Quest: Travel to the nearby locations and take photographs of the devastation.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

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