Program by DAREBEE

Chapter 7

The night’s rest made a big difference for us. We pick up the pace at daybreak and actually make really good time. The magnetic activity deep beneath our feet is changing. I am not sure whether it is too deep underground for me to feel it properly or whether there are other strong magnetic currents around us at the moment that are interfering with my ability to predict the safest path for us right now.

This presents me with a problem. Our good pace has helped us reach the road - or what’s left of it. We manage to cover a lot of ground following it for a while even on foot but eventually we come to a crossroads. I can feel that whether we take the left or the right path we will eventually stay on course and make our way to our final destination. The road to the right will take us longer but it's easier terrain. The road to the left is a shortcut but it will be a lot harder to make our way through. I have to make a choice.

Quest: Choose the path and continue your journey.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

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