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Chapter 22

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn and we are exhausted from a night of travelling. The sun slowly rises as we continue on our journey. It’s mostly uneventful and I can’t help but feel grateful. We are all lucky to be alive.

I make sure everyone’s hydrated and there are no injuries from the night’s march over uneven ground. No one feels like talking much.

A few hours into the trek we come to a ravine. I spot a stone bridge not far from us and, surprisingly, it’s still intact. Some of the stone is cracked and small chips have fallen off but it’s holding up. This must be a region that has yet to experience heavy tectonic shifts. I can tell this from the stability of the landscape around us. Trees and grass appear intact. The stones I see on the surface are old, weathered. Not much ground churning has gone on here.

Using the bridge is a little risky, I know, but it’ll save quite a bit of time in our journey if we get across it.

I have a decision to make.

Quest: Use the bridge or go the long way round.

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