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Chapter 15

I miss travelling by road but I imagine that by now there aren’t many left. The land has shifted so many times now, the landscape is virtually unrecognizable. All maps are obsolete. That’s why my unique ability is so crucial and that’s why I have to see this through. Everyone in my group is relying on me and I am determined to not let them down.

The landscape is beautiful. Despite the devastation, life goes on. There is greenery here. Plants and trees grapple where they can. They try to hold onto what land and nutrients they find. They too are fighting to survive.

Very soon we come across a river. I am certain this river hasn’t been here before. The current is not too strong but it’s still a sizable river we can’t just walk or swim across. After a short deliberation, we decide to build a raft. It will only hold a couple of people so I will take everyone across, one by one.

Quest: Take everyone across the river.

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