Program by DAREBEE

Chapter 10

The fact that even my special sense has limits and cannot always be relied upon to give us advance warning is worrying. Clearly, we are in more danger than even I realize at times. We barely made it out of our last predicament alive.

We are all still shaken from the previous experience. No one feels like talking so we walk in silence. It begins to rain and, at first, it’s refreshing. We get to refill our water supplies, too. The rain doesn’t stop, though, it just keeps getting stronger and the ground around us is beginning to flood. I see higher ground up ahead but it’s a bit of a climb. No matter, we made it this far and we are not about to give up now.

Quest: Climb up to a higher ground.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Optional subquest: At the very top we find a dugout that could prove useful to us as shelter for the night. It is however full of water and we are all tired from the climb. To empty it of water it is going to take all of us using whatever buckets and bottles we have plus our bare hands. We could decide to just stay out in the rain, covering ourselves with what we can or, we can work to empty the dugout, stretch a makeshift tarpaulin and stay the night, dry under there.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

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