Program by DAREBEE

Fighter's Codex is a martial art style training program for general fitness. It is a high intensity workout regimen that will streamline and tone and give your body strength and agility. It's 100% no-equipment and home friendly program. It is suitable for a beginner and it will work for a pro, too. You will practice kicks and punches, work on your flexibility and balance and even learn some fighting techniques while getting fit. From a training point of view it will physically transform you to a martial artist. If you already do some martial arts it will take you to an entirely new level in 30 days.

The Fighter’s Codex is a forge. It will take the raw power that is “you” and, over 30 days, turn it into a highly efficient, potentially lethal, kick-ass, fighting machine. You could be new to this or you may already be doing some martial art, it’s designed to benefit you regardless. Go through each day, pick a level (where appropriate) and follow through the exercises. If you’re not sure about the execution of any of them check out the videos in our exercise library.

There are performance, practice and recuperation days all built into this. It is designed to increase your speed, stamina, strength, flexibility, tendon strength and motor-coordination skills. You will perform some of the training routines practiced by world class martial artists. It will make you aware of your body and the way it moves in a way you have never quite been before. Those who go through it get to meet their badass self on the other side of the 30 days. 


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