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Chapter 9

Minutes become hours. Hours become days. It seems like we’ve been travelling forever but at least we had no more tremors for a while. It almost seems like perhaps that was it, perhaps it is safe now…

No sooner have I thought that my sensorium lights up again and the ground shakes beneath our feet. And this time, it splits right before our eyes. The earth’s plates begin to move creating small islands all over the place splitting us apart, separating us from each other. I yell for everyone not to move! I will have to gather everyone one by one as I am the only one who can sense where it is safe to step.

In the distance, where the abandoned settlement used to be, there is nothing left. It’s all gone. The earth has swallowed it whole.

I have to hurry and regather everyone together. I can now feel that there will be aftershocks are coming and we won’t be safe then at all.

Quest: Gather your group.

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