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Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Jenna. Jenna talks non-stop. It’s her way of coping with stress. She tries to find excuses for not doing hard work whenever she can. She is also fearless. When it comes to jumping over chasms, going over a ravine suspended on a vine. Hunting for food or foraging on her own in unknown terrain, she is brilliant.

Before her town virtually disappeared she used to hang out with Jade. Not all the time but often enough to make them friends. She now knows that they need to hang together and help each other out if they are to make it through this.

Jenna’s chatter about everything and nothing is a smokescreen that hides a keen intellect and a mind that’s seen a disaster and is now trying to heal. Getting to know Jenna better may be rewarding. It is also likely to be really hard work.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Lee. Lee is a great runner. At school he used to win every middle distance race he entered and he was the school’s long-jump champion. These are skills that will now come in handy. Lee knows Jenna and Jade. He finds Jenna a little tiring at times but loves debating things with Jenna.

He doesn’t think there will be much time or inclination for debate where they are going. Not if they are to survive. Nevertheless the skills he and Jenna have, the ability to think quickly, internalize change fast and adapt is going to come in handy. Lee smiles a lot when he interacts with others. He hopes they will all have reason to smile once they get to the place the Pathfinder has promised to take them.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Jade. Jade is an independent spirit with a really strong will and a rebellious streak. Before the tectonic shifts started and the tremors that destroyed her town arrived she used to hang out with Jenna. At school she kept company more with boys than she did with girls. Shooting hoops and playing baseball she learnt to take a tumble and not complain about it. Little did she know that the grit she developed as a result will help her survive in a world that’s literally crashing down around her.

Smart, reliable but also a little headstrong Jade is an asset to every team she joins. A potential leader she won’t just blindly do as she is told. However, she keeps her cool under pressure. Follows instructions where necessary and knows how to exercise her own initiative to benefit the team. Jade makes your team stronger and your overall chances of survival higher.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Mia. Mia is now an orphan. Before the tectonic shifts happened Mia lived in a big house in your town. Her parents were planning to send her to an all-girl’s school. She had a little brother. She still cannot remember what happened. Why she survived when so many others did. Sometimes she finds it hard to remember the faces of her parents and her brother. Or their names.

Mia often breaks down and cries at night, usually without apparent reason. Mia knows she has to be strong. She knows she has to do as a Pathfinder commands. She just doesn’t always know how.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Jamal. When the tectonic shift happened and the tremors started Jamal became a local hero. He organized the local community, made people collect food and sent a few of them out to see if they could locate their Pathfinder. Jamal has always known that Pathfinders are special. Now they are key to everyone’s survival. He knows that first-hand. In those first few hours, when the landscape changed, Jamal lost everyone in the group of people he’d managed to put together.

Jamal is strong and capable. He is willing to help every member of his group. He listens to the Pathfinder’s instructions. He hopes that they will all manage to pull through this and reach safety without taking any more losses.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Art. Art is trying to leave his bad decision behind. A former IT-contractor who worked on big, secret government projects Arthur, Art for short, talked Luca into helping him abduct a Pathfinder to help them find their way out of the danger they are in. He now regrets that decision too. He tells himself he has to try harder to be better.

Art listens more than talks but once he decides to take action he is focused and determined. He sees every problem as a challenge to overcome. A puzzle to solve. This approach doesn’t always serve him well but in the current crisis it may prove to be an asset.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Luca. Luca’s parents were Hungarian. This helps explain her name. It also explains her outlook. She is tough, independent and determined to survive at all odds. Luca knows the world has changed. She knows the going now is going to be really tough. She is determined to be one of those who start civilization again. She regrets letting Art talk her into ambushing the Pathfinder in the first instance. She genuinely thought they had no other choice. She vows to herself never to let others influence her like that again.

Luca is a natural athlete. Good with an axe, a great runner and jumper and a good climber. In a tight spot Luca is the person you need to have with you, backing you up. Because she’s fast she makes a great scavenger. Because she’s strong and capable she can operate on her own as well as with other members of her team. Luca is always eager to show just how valuable she is to the team. She feels guilty about the ambush she and Art set up. As a result of her guilt she will willingly back the Pathfinder through thick and thin.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Ted. Ted has always believed in science. His parents got him a geological kit when he was five. He understands that evidence cannot lie. That the things you see and hear and touch are representative of much bigger trends across the world. They are evidence of how things are put together. He’s too young to be allowed to participate in settlement Council meetings.

Nevertheless he eavesdropped. He listened carefully as the Pathfinder made the case for leaving this settlement. He understood the gravity of the event, the real danger they were all in. He also knew he was too young to convince anybody. No one was going to listen to him. So he made up his mind to leave.

Above all he wants to survive. He wants life to mean something. He wants to experience the world in its broader sense. He is determined nothing is going to stop him making his own decision in this.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Bob. Bob has no idea how he managed to survive. One moment he was in this town, scavenging himself, looking for supplies, the next the ground is shaking, buildings are toppling and he finds himself transported much, further away than he’d thought was possible.

Nevertheless he is determined to make it. He knows that alone he is at the mercy of chance. One small injury, one misstep, one misreading of a situation is enough to get him killed.

Bob knows a lot of things that can be useful in an emergency. He knows how to set broken bones and stitch up a gaping wound. He knows what kind of berries are not poisonous and which mushrooms won’t give you headaches if you eat them. He also knows that in an emergency like this people are stronger in a group than alone. When he sees the Pathfinder scavenging he’s uncertain what to do. Then, the ground shakes, the building collapses on top of the Pathfinder and the decision is taken out of Bob’s hands. He will help and, maybe, if there is a group somewhere, he will join them.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Marjorie. Marjorie is not what she seems. She never has been. The first female firefighter of her generation, she knows how to dress and bind wounds, look for herbs and make medicine. She understands how to read the weather. She may be a little slow and old now but she refuses to be a burden.

When the tectonic shift happened she took refuge in the church. It was the building with the most sound structure and safe, lockable doors. When the skies opened up and the hail fell Marjorie was glad about her choice. Then this group of people came in as well. She is unsure about them. She has difficulty telling who she should trust any more.

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