Program by DAREBEE

Chapter 20

My final dive into the rubble doesn't go smoothly. Just as I fish out the last can of beans from a smashed cupboard the ground shakes again and what's left of the ceiling in this house collapses right on top of me. My vision blurs and I pass out.

I don't know how much time passes when I finally regain consciousness but it's already night-time. My head hurts and when I touch it I can feel bandages. Someone tended to my injury. I can see an old man coming towards me with a concerned look on his face. He saw me scavenging earlier and stayed away but when I got hurt, he decided to help.

My head is still fuzzy and to my horror I realize I’ve lost my senses. I no longer feel the way to the True North. There is a void where I used to feel the magnetic tag of tectonic plate activity deep underground. I am disoriented, helpless and for the first time in my life, truly blind. I have to recenter myself, get my Pathfinder sense to function again to have any chance of finding my people again and leading them to safety.

Quest: Recenter yourself.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

Optional: Ask the old man to join your group.

Optional subquest: Coming from deep within the rubble I hear a muted cry. I go to investigate. Against all odds I realize that it’s a squirrel trapped by the fallen masonry into a hole. I am not sure what it will achieve but it feels wrong to leave it trapped to die. I have t decide whether I want to go through all the hard work involved removing the rubble on top of it and widening the hole enough for it to escape.

Pathfinder - 30 Day RPG Fitness Program by DAREBEE

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