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Chapter 19

Not everything is against us. As the tectonic plates shift some large chunks of ground are lifted and transported virtually intact, great distances. It’s like floating corks in a river with the difference that the ‘corks’ this time are chunks of ground that may have settlements, towns or even entire cities on them.

The buildings, of course, are damaged badly. The tremors doing their destructive work. But for us it can be good news. Supplies that can be easily had.

Eventually, my scouting takes me across an area that looks like it’s been crashed and remade already several times. The ground is highly uneven here. And, I come across the ruins of a settlement. There are no survivors here and it looks like this one too was abandoned in a hurry. The buildings are badly damaged, most of them have been completely destroyed and are just rubble but some could be checked and potentially scavenged.

It won’t be easy going through the debris but if I dig enough, I will be able to find enough food to bring back to my group.

Quest: Find enough food for everyone in your group.

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