Stress and anxiety increase the stress hormone, cortisol, levels in our bloodstream. They impact our breathing, reduce oxygen levels in our bloodstream and blood flow to the brain and affect how we feel, think and act. It takes conscious effort to manage stress and anxiety. When we do, however, we free our body and mind to perform at a higher level. In the long-term we also reduce inflammation in our organs, arteries and capillaries which then helps our immune system remain robust and our body to retain its biological youthfulness, longer. More than that, fighting stress and anxiety, helps reverse the ageing process by reducing the effects of stress and inflammation on the heart, brain and circulatory system. The De-Stress Workouts are the key to getting through those parts of life when everything feels dark and heavy around you. 

Stress Buster Workout
De-Stress Stretching Workout
Breathe Easy Workout
Breathing Workout
Feel Good Workout
Reset Stretch Workout
Stiff Neck Workout
Sitting Fix Workout
Before Bed Workout
rawr Workout
ZEN Workout
Face the Day Workout