Program by DAREBEE

The Gauntlet is a 30-day kettlebell based fitness program for strength and tone. It has a classic structure to focus on muscle building and raw power. Every 5th day of the program is a functional fitness day when focus shifts from strength to endurance and athleticism. These days are marked by a red kettlebell and they will challenge your body and mind recruiting every muscle you have, demand better coordination, load your cardiovascular system, tendons and core.

This program takes the best kettlebell exercises and makes them work for you, individually and in combination. If you want to level up your fitness, this program is for you.

It can be repeated if you up the Kettlebell weight every time you do it over. As long as it challenges you, it's working. You only need a single kettlebell to do this program.

To pick a kettlebell weight, try doing 10 bicep curls with it. If you can complete 10 reps and feel you can't do more, than that's the right weight.


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