Program by DAREBEE

Express Tone is a 30-day program designed for tone and muscle definition. It’s suitable for all fitness levels, men and women of all ages. The program includes upper body, lower body, abs and core focus and tendon strength. It can also be recycled indefinitely after the initial 30 days.


The program requires a set of dumbbells. You can use dumbbells of any weight for this program as key exercises are done to muscle fatigue. It’s recommended that you use dumbbells you can do 20 bicep curls with, with relative ease.

Exercises marked “to fatigue” are done until you can no longer do another rep using proper form. Keep going until you feel your muscles tiring. The rep count can be anything from 2 to 40 reps, depending on your current fitness level. If you can only perform an exercise once or twice until fatigue sets in, it’s perfectly ok. 


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