Program by DAREBEE

60 Days of Walking is a no-equipment walking program specifically designed for body recomposition and fat burning. It includes low-impact bodyweight circuit training for upper body, lower body and abs. It is suitable for all fitness levels and is ideal for anyone who wants to lower their body fat percentage and get much leaner, in 2 months.

Every single day you will be required to walk for 45-60 minutes non-stop and for 90 minutes, once a week. If you start the program on a Monday, the 90 minute walk will always fall on a Sunday.

Some days will have two parts: walking and a bodyweight circuit. They can be done one after the other or with a few hours break in between. All of the circuit exercises are done standing up so the second part of the training is outdoors-friendly. The program can also be completed using a treadmill.


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