Program by DAREBEE

The 30 Days of Cardio Blast is a bodyweight equipment-free high burn oriented program designed to slim you down and tone you up in the comfort of your home. Different cardio routines, some higher in intensity some lower, will not just help you burn the reserves and get muscle tone but also improve your cardiovascular system, your overall health and fitness level. 

The program consists of high intensity bodyweight training and bodyweight cardio routines carefully balanced to help you maintain the high pace of this program. You won't even need to leave the house to complete this one but it'll take everything you've got to see it through - it's the easy looking routines that challenge you the most. On the bright side, there are a couple of "sofa days" in there you can look forward to. The program was designed to be an alternative program to 30 Days of Change, bringing the burn to your home. If you are looking for something straight forward to lose weight and get toned that doesn't take your entire day and several changes of clothes each time - this is the program for you.


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