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DAREBEE Workout: What it Works
Always start the katana workout with a Katana Warmup that way your muscles will be ready to go through the grueling session of turning yourself into a sword-wielding warrior our of Japan's medieval past. There are four basic cuts to this workout designed to help you develop the deadly skills required to challenge and defeat an armed opponent. The final combo is a workout in itself and it uses the body's weight to add natural power to the final two cross cuts making them truly unstoppable. The final combo can be performed as fast as you can. 

One thing you need to keep in mind with sword workouts is that one side will always be dominant. Having said that this is a challenge you can try. Switch lead hands and see what happens to your coordination (slow down a little in execution a little if you have to). If you do decide to switch you have three options: A. Switch after each rep (for advanced swordsmen only). This means after each rep you switch your lead hand on the sword and the way it uses your muscles. B. Switch halfway (perfect for intermediate swordsmen). get to the halfway mark on the number of reps each time and just switch. C. Switch after each set (perfect to beginners). If you're new to all this, getting through a set allows your muscles to become accustomed to the moves and your mind to mentally learn where everything goes. Then you get to change lead hands and increase the challenge level all over again.
Extra Credit: 30 seconds rest between sets. 

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