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DAREBEE Workout: What it Works
Speed requires the creation of fast twitch muscle fiber. Speed is the first training session in the Boxing Training week and it places a high load on the upper body muscles and continues to increase it as the workout moves along. It requires both eccentric and concentric muscle movements and recruits a lot of muscle groups to perform what appear to be relatively simple exercises. Each set lasts three minutes (the length of time of a boxing round) and there is Extra Credit for taking no rest between sets (because you are training after all). The aim of each exercise is to get the highest number of reps each time. Technique is, of course, always important but rep count, in this case is even more important so a delicate balancing act must be attained and some sacrifice of perfect form, at least for now, may be in order if it helps give us just a few more reps per exercise. You can use a jump rope if you have one but if you don't just hop on the spot and rotate your arms as if you did.