Program by DAREBEE

Power-Up is a bodyweight low impact program with a focus on upper and lower body tendons designed to help you upgrade your strength and level up the power behind your every move. All exercises are time-based, there are no sets or levels in this program. Since Power-Up doesn’t include any high impact moves it’s apartment friendly.

The program can be implemented on its own or it can be used in combination with any other DAREBEE program or training plan. It will make an ideal post-workout routine. Each workout in the program will only take several minutes to complete from start to finish.

Note: try to stick to the requirements of each day and do not stop or drop your arms or legs when completing any of the given sequences. You should keep your arms and legs up when transitioning between moves during each. If you can’t - take a short break - but resume the exercise as soon as you possibly can. Your goal is to eventually be able to complete each routine with no rest or breaks. That’s how you truly power up.


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