Program by DAREBEE

The Olympian is a 28-day no-equipment fitness program designed to mimic the training of the Ancient Greeks and the famed Olympians. This is the kind of program that will make you feel like you are walking with the gods one day and crawling with the worms the next! It has been modernized and adjusted for home use to make it more accessible and easy to follow without taking away from the spirit of it and the challenge of every day’s task.

The program is designed around the idea of “τετράδες” [Tetrades] - in the Ancient Greek idea of the 4 elements. It follows a 4-day cycle consisting of cardio, strength, recovery and combat. There are a total of 7 cycles in the program so it will take you just under a month to complete. The combat days of the program focus on upperbody only - punches, backfists, elbow strikes etc. so there are no kicks. Every 3rd day of the program is your active rest day, the day you get to work your body but also recover from the previous two days and get ready for the combat training ahead. The exercises are simple but the circuits get harder as you progress.

Take up the challenge and test yourself, your cardiovascular system, your stamina and your resolve! See you on the other side, Champion! May the Olympian Gods smile upon you.


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