Hero's Journey

Day 2

You chose to get involved. The stranger you helped helps you back on Day 7 when you meet The Oracle. Do one fewer sets that day (i.e. Level I = 4 sets, Level II = 6 sets, Level III = 9 sets). As an added bonus – the stranger punches the oracle in the face on your behalf. 

You chose to mind your own business. You are alone. Add one set to each level on Day 7. 

Day 9

You scrambled and scrambled as it collapsed. You’ve lost your backpack and with it - your dinner.

You cleared the bridge with a single jump. You can bask in your awesomeness. 

Day 11

Iamgonnadie… but did you die? Celebrate life by doing 200 skips by the end of the day. Skip away, grasshopper.

It was bad, but not that bad. What’s that? You are feeling dizzy? Everything is going black... you lost your sight. It will return in 30 minutes. Close your eyes or use a blindfold for 30 minutes.

It was but a scratch. Your wound still bleeds so you remember you great grandma gave you an old remedy you before you started your quest. You look through your bag and you find it – it’s a slice of pie. Life’s good. Enjoy!

Day 15

You could only muster five charges. Take a moment of silence for those who have perished this day. Talk to no one for 2 hours. 

Your seven charges helped protect the weak but your bravery came at a price – your dragon was badly wounded. It will return to your side only on day 17. 

Ten charges make you the people’s champion! On day 17, when Double trouble strikes, reduce each level by 1 set. All hail the Mighty Hero!

Day 18

You caught one. And the bastard bit you! It looks infected, better take care of it asap. To avoid infection, don’t use that arm (pick one) for the next 2 hours. Oh yeah and also…. See consequences of “Caught two”

You caught two. Good catch. The one that got away, though, pocketed your bread. Oh well, no bread today.

You caught them all. Congratulations!  After a thorough body search you discover that last one has a chocolate bar on his person. Confiscate it for your own consumption.

Day 23

The spy got away. Are you serious? Who lets a spy get away? He’ll, like, tell stuff to EVERYONE. And he sure does. Your location has been revealed and now everyone has a description of you and knows your location. You have go into hiding. No phone, no internet, no TV for 2 hours. 

The spy got away… but he was wounded. Well, at least you got him good. His injuries (an arrow to the knee) prevent him from talking (mostly because he can’t shut up about the arrow) so your enemies have a somewhat unclear description of you. It’s still good to be careful– no internet for an hour, just to be safe. 

You caught the sneaky bastard. On his person you found enemy plans and whatnot. You can now cancel one of the unwanted consequences down the line or drop one of the sets without any consequences or drop one weapons’ practice session. 

Day 31

At 40% saved the town suffered heavy losses. Most of the food supply was burnt. You will have to ration your food. No dinner today. Or tomorrow.

60% of the town is saved but some of the food was destroyed. You sadly lose your dinner but overall it’s not too bad. I mean, it could have been worse.

Most of the town survived because of you. Congratulations! The grateful townsfolk name the day after you and call it a holiday. Take the day off your chores and celebrate with a nice meal. 

Day 33

The journey to the mountaintop was long and hard. If you chose the 10,000 steps, your shoes just couldn’t take the pace. They gave out before you. Spend thirty minutes with your feet up and get someone to massage them for you. 

If you chose the sets, while you were busy with them, some dastardly person stole your shoes. Go barefoot for sixty minutes.

Day 42

You used your brain, not brawn. Splitting the forces allows you to preserve your numbers and gain ground. You have also captured a high ranking officer who has, after some persuasive talking to, revealed a secret weakness of those close to the final boss, their circle of trust has been broken. On Day 59, against the Bodyguard you can now reduce each level by one set. 

Brute force choice. Not everything can be resolved with overwhelming force. You may have won but you suffered heavy losses that have weakened you. You now need to fight harder to win. On Day 59 add an extra 400 punches at the end of the level.  

Day 60

The Boss fight is your toughest challenge yet, but you have been preparing for this.

If you just did five sets or less you just weren’t quite ready enough. You need to start from the beginning and make better choices the second time round. 

If you did between six and eight sets, it is a draw.  It has been a real struggle getting here, but you can take it. Don’t give up now. Pick yourself up and fight another day. You have another chance to settle the score.

Nine or ten sets and you have defeated the final BOSS. VICTORY! A legend is born. 

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