Program by DAREBEE

The Hard Reset Strength is a 30-day program focused on strength and muscle definition. It is ideal for anyone looking to build muscle, improve their flexibility and tendon strength. The program is designed around strength-oriented circuits and it requires a set of dumbbells.

This program can be done on its own or in combination with its other half: Hard Reset Cardio. Both programs have been designed to be completed alongside each other. If you choose to complete the programs together, you should do one program in the morning and the other in the evening but not one workout right after the other. On Day 1, for example, you should complete Hard Reset Cardio Day 1 in the morning and then Hard Reset Strength Day 1 in the evening.

How to choose the right dumbbell weight for this program: Perform 12 bicep curls with a set of dumbbells you feel you can manage. It should feel challenging towards the final couple of reps. If it feels too easy, try one weight up. Note: you can use lighter dumbbells for lateral raises if you can’t complete all of the reps with the same dumbbells.


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