Program by DAREBEE

The Full Circuit is a 30-day no-equipment high burn and abs oriented program. Each day is designed as a full circuit routine that is completed without rest or water breaks. There are no levels in this program - everything is time-based and you control the difficulty by increasing or decreasing your pace as you go from exercise to exercise.

The format is simple: for two consecutive days you will have 21 minutes to complete the workout and for the two following days you will have just 9 minutes per workout. With the Full Circuit program you will get slimmer and stronger and level up your functional fitness as well as define your abs and core.

For maximum results, pay attention to plank transitions and keep your body up. Don’t drop it down as you change the plank variations as you go through the sequence.

Note: As you complete each set, press “repeat” to start the timer for the following set again - until you’ve completed them all. This will allow you to manage the sets and have time to tick each one off as well as make sure your device doesn’t go to sleep. If you are using the timer for the workouts on your mobile device we recommend you increase the time before the screen goes to sleep.


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