Extreme HIIT

Extreme HIIT (High Impact Interval Training) is a visual no-equipment fitness program designed to help you level up strength, stamina, endurance and VO2Max capacity. This program aims to challenge. If pain is your middle name this program is for you! It’s ideal for anyone who is looking for HIIT training capable of bringing Gods to their knees… and also significantly improve your overall fitness; chisel your physique and add muscle at the same time.

All of the workouts in this program are time based so no rep counting is required. To maximize the effectiveness of the program you will have to perform each workout flat out. Mind exercise transitions as well. For example, when you transition from burpees or push-ups to a push-up hold, don’t drop your body down - keep it under tension all the way through. Each circuit is only 2 minutes long. You can do anything for 2 minutes, right?


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