Program by DAREBEE

Cardio Go is a low impact 30-day no-equipment program with a focus on streamline achieved through steady burn. It has a simple easy-to-follow structure and it’s designed as a running substitute.

The program is perfect for beginners as well as people at an advanced fitness level who want to add extra, moderate exercise to their day. Each session is 30-40 minutes long. Rest between sets is optional and it can be skipped.

All exercises in the program are standing exercises, at no point will you need to get down on the floor - there are no burpees, push-ups or planks. This program can be repeated indefinitely after the 30 days are up. Each day simply start the timer and go! Repeat the set for each day seven times in total. You can do more or fewer sets to increase or decrease the workout time to better fit it into your day.


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