Program by DAREBEE

The Avatar Upgrade is a combat orientated top-level fitness program that allows you to upgrade yourself in real life just as you can upgrade your digital self in a video game. The goal is to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

Combining exercise routines and multi-combat moves it is split over 30 cards with levels of normal, challenge and... lethal. You could do them sequentially starting from card No 1 and going on to 30 or shuffle them and pick one at random. The exercise routines are turned into points which then become progress bars on your Avatar chart, mapping your fitness journey and the level of each of your skills.

There is an Avatar profile chart with progress  bars (his or hers)you should print out before you start. The Avatar program proves that fitness is a journey, not a destination and every step you take in it, is totally transformative.   

Released August 1, 2015 | current v1

200 points = 1 bar